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Frequently Asked Questions
  Do you replace watch batteries?

  How long does it take?
      Most batteries can be replaced while you wait in about 5 minutes

  Do you repair watches?
     Yes. Cost of repair and time of return depends on the type of watch. Contact us for more infomation.

  Do you repair jewelery?
      Yes. We have won more design awards than any store in the south-east. Any idea you have, we would be happy to schedule an       appointment to meet with one of our award winning designers to bring your idea to life.

  Do you do appraisals?

  What is your return policy?
      You can return any unworn piece of jewelry for store credit or exchange.

  How often should I get my jewelry cleaned and the stones checked?
      We offer complimentary cleaning. We will check stones with every cleaning. Stones should be checked every 6 months, more
      frequently if there is a potential problem. The more often you clean your jewelry, the easier it is to clean the next time.

  Do you offer stringing?
      Yes. We have a stringer on premise and can string just about anything.

  How often should I have my pearls re-strung?
      It depends on how much you wear them. They should be checked for secure knots every year.
      Bring them in and we will check them.

  How do I care for my pearls?
      Pearls should not get wet, should not come in contact with any chemicals, lotions, or perfume.
      Wipe pearls with a damp cloth to clean them.

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